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When it comes to construction security, we provide state of the art scaffold alarms that are easy to maintain and use, yet flexible enough to cope with keeping the intruders off your scaffolding.

Our scaffold alarms are always designed and installed to suit each individual job and are always installed to the highest possible standard.

If whenever needed, we can add more detectors to your existing systems, CCTV cameras and 24hr monitoring should the scaffolding develop further, your security is always our main concern. For your flexibility and convenience, we offer two diverse types of systems, wired or wireless.


All of our detectors and beams are specifically designed for external use, with a control panel that can be installed internally or externally depending on the Mains location.

All systems are controlled by an LED keypad with an on-screen display, and these keypads can be installed internally with the panel, or it can be moved externally for only the contractor’s use.

Our systems come with an LED back-light external siren, which will automatically light up when it gets dark to alert an intruder that the scaffolding is alarmed.

The contractor can remotely monitor our wired alarms.


No power on site? No Problem. Our mains free scaffold alarms are designed to resolve all of these common problems. Our control panels and detectors are designed for external use and have the appropriate protection against any damage.

All equipment also comes with tamper protection, which will stop any intruder from interfering with the detectors.

Our systems also have a built-in sounder inside the control panel, however, if you would like further protection, we also offer an external siren that can be added.


When it comes to commercial scaffolding, this will usually require a permit. Should it cover a road or path, then you will need a permit, don’t worry though, at JM Scaffolding we can help you arrange this, simply speak to our team and we’ll discuss this with your prior to the scaffolding erection.

Preventing unauthorised access onto scaffolding is always a concern, especially in residential areas. We provide state of the art scaffold alarms that are easy to maintain and use, yet flexible enough to cope with keeping the intruders off your scaffolding, for more information on this service, please see our dedicated Scaffolding Alarms section.

All working platforms and edge protection should be inspected before each use, when there’s been significant alterations made to it and after adverse weather like heavy rain, strong winds and snow. This is because all of the above can affect the strength or security of the scaffold. The scaffold should also be checked regularly, we recommend that it’s checked once a week to ensure that it is still safe. You can be sure that we’ll thoroughly and regularly inspect all of our scaffolding.
The team at JM Scaffolding have over 23 years experience in the scaffolding industry, so when you choose us for your commercial scaffolding, you can trust that you are in the right hands. For more information, simply call our team.

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