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Our teams are on hand, offering cost-effective solutions for all your residential scaffolding needs.

Whether you are dealing with roof repairs, decorating, rendering, pointing, home extension or minor chimney repairs, we can design and assemble a scaffold that best serves your purpose.

Providing our domestic scaffolding services in London and surrounding areas for more than 23 years, we have developed a skill set, knowledge base and experience that is second to none.


Domestic scaffolding is an essential addition for all work-at-height projects. Scaffolding provides property owners and tradesmen with safe access for renovations, refurbishments, restorations and repair work. JM Scaffolding provides safe access solutions to suit all your requirements and has developed an outstanding reputation over the last 23 years.
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JM Scaffolding provides a first-class scaffold design service which incorporates all health and safety requirements. Our professional scaffolders can meet all of your project needs for both long and short term requirements.

All our scaffolds conform to TG20:13 regulations and guidelines.


When it comes to commercial scaffolding, this will usually require a permit should it cover a road or path, then you will need a permit, don’t worry though, at JM Scaffolding we can help you arrange this, simply speak to our team and we’ll discuss this with your prior to the scaffolding erection.

Preventing unauthorised access onto scaffolding is always a concern, especially in residential areas. We provide state of the art scaffold alarms that are easy to maintain and use, yet flexible enough to cope with keeping the intruders off your scaffolding, for more information on this service, please see our dedicated Scaffolding Alarms section.

All working platforms and edge protection should be inspected before each use, when there’s been significant alterations made to it and after adverse weather like heavy rain, strong winds and snow. This is because all of the above can affect the strength or security of the scaffold. The scaffold should also be checked regularly, we recommend that it’s checked once a week to ensure that it is still safe. You can be sure that we’ll thoroughly and regularly inspect all of our scaffolding.
The team at JM Scaffolding have over 23 years experience in the scaffolding industry, so when you choose us for your commercial scaffolding, you can trust that you are in the right hands. For more information, simply call our team.
TG20:13 aims to raise awareness of good practice in scaffolding across the construction industry and drive up standards of scaffolding, and safety

TG20:13 provides guidance for independent scaffold structures, birdcages, loading bays, ladder-access and free-standing towers, and chimney scaffolds. It includes features such as bridges, protection fans, inside board brackets, cantilevered platforms and pavement lifts.

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